Founder, Shannon Russo-Pollack has earned a reputation as an Authentic Lifestyle Expert in the health & wellness industry. SHA strategically consults ``best practice`` for other entrepeneurs from medical facilities to fitness and healthy lifestyle companies. DRENCHED™ is your one stop shop for all things wellness.

Daily Dose

We dish our truths in a raw, honest and relatable tone. ``Unlock Your Full Potential`` and initiate your wellness journey. Follow along with our Daily SHA-nanigans™ NYC lifestyle.

Top Trends

Everyone wants to be ahead of the curve. Have you heard about the ``high`` you get after that intense workout all your friends are going to? We know the new place you should check out! Is your mind over-saturated with the gluten-free this, paleo that?

...Wondering am I even getting enough fiber into my diet? We know why your friends are raving about the latest trends. Wondering which type of doctor will get you back on the right track? We got you covered.

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